Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hardy's Acoustic Showcase

Hi again everyone!  These past few weeks I feel like a complete Events Manager! As I talked about in my last blog, I am holding my first large event with a group of 6 friends. Teamwork is one of the key skills that a lot of employers look to have in candidates. This module has definitely helped build up my teamwork skills as well as my communication skills as I have to regularly correspond with my team members. Now let me tell you one thing, working in groups is not easy, especially when it means you’ll be graded as a team! Working with a group of 7 where everyone has different course loads and different classes, it makes it hard to find a suitable time for everyone to meet and adds to the pressure. However this course has taught me how to deal with these kinds of situations as I will be faced with them when I enter the real working world. You won’t be able to choose your colleagues so team projects are always a great learning experience.

Now, more about the event I am hosting! We are holding an acoustic night at the Admiral Hardy pub in Greenwich!  We have chosen a very local venue to support the local businesses around us. As we are students of the University of Greenwich, we were given the venue space for no hire price as it is on a Wednesday night and it’s still open to the public. We arranged for 4 artists/bands to come along and make this a wonderful night! More information is available on the leaflet below about artists name and groups. Luckily we had two members in the group who are close friends with many of these artists so they helped in arranging them for us. It is so important to have contacts within the event management industry. I hope to see some of you at the event and if you are interested in Events management, my team and I will all be at the event to give you more information or just have a chat!

On another note, did you go to the Greenwich Food Fest earlier this week? On the 17th of Feb Greenwich Market was taken over by a group of event management students who transformed it into a brilliant food fest! It went so well rumour is, it’s going to become an annual event! That is great news for some of the students as the experience looks brilliant on their CV and they were even published in many newspapers. That’s one way to become famous ;)

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I will hopefully see some of you at the Acoustic night on the…

26th of Feb


Admiral Hardy, Greenwich


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