Monday, 12 May 2014

Au Revoir University!

I have finally finished my degree course…. ahhhh. They were three very long and very challenging but exciting years. I just went through the process of booking my graduation tickets for the ceremony in July this year and hiring my gown. I feel very relieved to have finished my course and I cannot wait for my graduation ceremony. I have waited for this ever since I started university because it will be held in the Painted Halls! Since I am the first graduate in my family, my parents are very proud and cannot wait to stand by me on the day I receive my degree certificate.
Over the past three years there have been many moments which have been difficult, many joyful moments with friends and I will cherish each one! The one picture that will always be in my mind is the beautiful campus. I will always be very attached to the Greenwich campus as it was one of the main reasons for me choosing Greenwich.
My next step….. I don’t know myself. After completing my course I have become really passionate about teaching and it’s something that I wish to explore further which may mean contemplating doing a PGCE. But for now, I am continuing my work in the Enquiry Unit helping prospective applicants with their applications and giving advice to people in the same position as me when I first started applying for uni.
Remember it is not too late to apply for studying at Greenwich and there are a number of courses that you can do! Whether that be foundation degrees or undergraduate degrees with placements, the options are endless! You can also go through Extra and have until 2nd July if you have not received any offers or changed your mind about what to study. To find out more logon to UCAS and good luck!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hardy's Acoustic Showcase

Hi again everyone!  These past few weeks I feel like a complete Events Manager! As I talked about in my last blog, I am holding my first large event with a group of 6 friends. Teamwork is one of the key skills that a lot of employers look to have in candidates. This module has definitely helped build up my teamwork skills as well as my communication skills as I have to regularly correspond with my team members. Now let me tell you one thing, working in groups is not easy, especially when it means you’ll be graded as a team! Working with a group of 7 where everyone has different course loads and different classes, it makes it hard to find a suitable time for everyone to meet and adds to the pressure. However this course has taught me how to deal with these kinds of situations as I will be faced with them when I enter the real working world. You won’t be able to choose your colleagues so team projects are always a great learning experience.

Now, more about the event I am hosting! We are holding an acoustic night at the Admiral Hardy pub in Greenwich!  We have chosen a very local venue to support the local businesses around us. As we are students of the University of Greenwich, we were given the venue space for no hire price as it is on a Wednesday night and it’s still open to the public. We arranged for 4 artists/bands to come along and make this a wonderful night! More information is available on the leaflet below about artists name and groups. Luckily we had two members in the group who are close friends with many of these artists so they helped in arranging them for us. It is so important to have contacts within the event management industry. I hope to see some of you at the event and if you are interested in Events management, my team and I will all be at the event to give you more information or just have a chat!

On another note, did you go to the Greenwich Food Fest earlier this week? On the 17th of Feb Greenwich Market was taken over by a group of event management students who transformed it into a brilliant food fest! It went so well rumour is, it’s going to become an annual event! That is great news for some of the students as the experience looks brilliant on their CV and they were even published in many newspapers. That’s one way to become famous ;)

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and I will hopefully see some of you at the Acoustic night on the…

26th of Feb


Admiral Hardy, Greenwich


Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean visit McDonalds with Thor and The Duchess

My title probably doesn’t make any sense, but as you read along you’ll understand! Walking through the campus and remembering when I first came for my Open Day, reminded me of why I chose Greenwich in the first place. Walking through the historic buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren still amazes me, 3 years into my study.

I look forward to having my graduation in the Painted Halls in June and taking some beautiful pictures with the university buildings in the background (Captain Jack Sparrow has also been initiated of some sort here- see pictures). Not only is Greenwich University an iconic landmark in London, it holds its place in the film world too!

Last week there was a film set with props, actors and directors shooting for an upcoming film. Rumour has it, they were filming for an upcoming McDonalds advert. This is not an uncommon part of studying here. In the past 3 years I've seen Johnny Depp, Robert Downing Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Jude Law and a few more to list. The sets of Thor and Sherlock Holmes have been featured at our beautiful campus and seeing the props just brings those films to life!

As the University of Greenwich is such an important historical building, during the Olympics it was used as an official Host Venue. It seems like such a great honour to be a student of the University of Greenwich and to be associated with such big events!

If you want to see the campus and get a feel for it, you should definitely think about attending our next Open Day for prospective students! It's on the 15th Feb and you can book your place online now! If you don't manage to book, don't worry, just turn up and the student team will be happy to help!
It only takes two minutes:

I hope you enjoy the pictures, some are even my own!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Events Planning

Hi Guys,

As we have come into the new term in the New Year, dissertation and assignment deadlines are all pending! As I do Events Management, all final year students have to plan a live event which is very exciting. As part of my course this is the second event I have had to plan and it’s going to be the biggest one yet. Along with a group of 6 friends we are planning a Launch event for a client’s new website service. We have looked at potential venues, catering menus, AV hire and have been planning an extensive schedule for the evening’s event. If you love planning parties or events for friends and families then this is the course for you! We are taught on a theory basis but explore the practical areas of event planning and then put on a great event combining all our experience. The event takes place in March and we are corresponding with guests from 5* star companies which is great for making contacts and networking. Within events management networking is so important as you can never know too many people! We are taught how to network at events through classes and extra workshops to help you make the most when attending networking events yourself.  So whether you love to plan events, attend them or a mixture of both, Events Management may be the course for you.

If you haven’t already made an application to study with us, it still isn’t too late- you can apply as a late applicant until the end of June if you have changed your mind! There is a list of courses available on the UCAS website which tells you all about the entry requirements.

Goodbye until next time and good luck with your application!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013


This blog is dedicated to all those commuters out there! Being a commuter myself, a lot of people have been worried that they won't make many friends since they're not staying in halls or it will be more difficult to socialise. However I can guarantee you, that is not the case. There are many commuters out there and I would say that it depends upon you as a person and how sociable you are.

Most people do not live with their classmates in halls. There might be a lucky few who do, however most times there is a mixture of students living in halls and hence when we meet our classmates, we also have a chance of meeting our flatmates, then their classmates and so on. If you go out with the people on your course you increase your social circle instantaneously because you will most definitely bump into people within the University community.

So living at home does not necessarily mean you won't have as many friends or that it will be harder!Although joining some communities wouldn't hurt. There are many activities you can join such as sports clubs and societies. Not only will it look good on your CV but you'll also have the chance of increasing you social circle, because these days it is all about who you know! The more activities you do, the more variety you'll have as friends. Then you can always meet friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends and etc, if you know what I mean.

Good luck to all those commuters out there, and don't let not moving out hold you back, because in any case you can take a breather from all the friends you're about to make :P Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself! You are about to take on a new point in life and meet a whole load of new people, but an important thing to note is, it's quality that usually counts, not quantity ;)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

My First Blog!!

They say University is a place where everyone has grown up, but at the same time not quite so. There's still the edge of living the last few years as young adults before we go into the big scary real world! Working in the Enquiries Unit has got me thinking back to when I was in the same position as most of the students two years ago. Although everything seemed easy at the time, the fees were low, we'd had many talks on student finance and accommodation seemed an easy enough process. However one thing was still the same, the pressure. The pressure of moving into a new environment, away from familiar faces, away from family and friends. Like an alien world to us, we had to suddenly start thinking about our future and the paths we will take.

University of Greenwich was never my first choice; in fact I added it in last minute after thinking that I did not want to leave London. I remember visiting the campus and falling in love with it the moment I walked around! I can briefly remember one of the tutors for Events Management encouraging me saying that London was THE place to study Events Management. The only thing I'll say to that is how right he was. With Greenwich being the heart of London, everything is not only at your doorstep but the opportunities are endless. Where else to go for events when the events come to London!

For those students, who are still undecided or unsure of what course to study or where, ask around! There are now so many platforms where new students can speak to current students and share experiences. It may make the life-changing decision slightly easier! Always keep in mind; you are not the only one in that position. Hundreds of students go through the process every year. But remember, keep your chin up, be optimistic and think hard about what you want yourself! And on that last note- Good Luck!