Monday, 12 May 2014

Au Revoir University!

I have finally finished my degree course…. ahhhh. They were three very long and very challenging but exciting years. I just went through the process of booking my graduation tickets for the ceremony in July this year and hiring my gown. I feel very relieved to have finished my course and I cannot wait for my graduation ceremony. I have waited for this ever since I started university because it will be held in the Painted Halls! Since I am the first graduate in my family, my parents are very proud and cannot wait to stand by me on the day I receive my degree certificate.
Over the past three years there have been many moments which have been difficult, many joyful moments with friends and I will cherish each one! The one picture that will always be in my mind is the beautiful campus. I will always be very attached to the Greenwich campus as it was one of the main reasons for me choosing Greenwich.
My next step….. I don’t know myself. After completing my course I have become really passionate about teaching and it’s something that I wish to explore further which may mean contemplating doing a PGCE. But for now, I am continuing my work in the Enquiry Unit helping prospective applicants with their applications and giving advice to people in the same position as me when I first started applying for uni.
Remember it is not too late to apply for studying at Greenwich and there are a number of courses that you can do! Whether that be foundation degrees or undergraduate degrees with placements, the options are endless! You can also go through Extra and have until 2nd July if you have not received any offers or changed your mind about what to study. To find out more logon to UCAS and good luck!