Thursday, 12 September 2013

My First Blog!!

They say University is a place where everyone has grown up, but at the same time not quite so. There's still the edge of living the last few years as young adults before we go into the big scary real world! Working in the Enquiries Unit has got me thinking back to when I was in the same position as most of the students two years ago. Although everything seemed easy at the time, the fees were low, we'd had many talks on student finance and accommodation seemed an easy enough process. However one thing was still the same, the pressure. The pressure of moving into a new environment, away from familiar faces, away from family and friends. Like an alien world to us, we had to suddenly start thinking about our future and the paths we will take.

University of Greenwich was never my first choice; in fact I added it in last minute after thinking that I did not want to leave London. I remember visiting the campus and falling in love with it the moment I walked around! I can briefly remember one of the tutors for Events Management encouraging me saying that London was THE place to study Events Management. The only thing I'll say to that is how right he was. With Greenwich being the heart of London, everything is not only at your doorstep but the opportunities are endless. Where else to go for events when the events come to London!

For those students, who are still undecided or unsure of what course to study or where, ask around! There are now so many platforms where new students can speak to current students and share experiences. It may make the life-changing decision slightly easier! Always keep in mind; you are not the only one in that position. Hundreds of students go through the process every year. But remember, keep your chin up, be optimistic and think hard about what you want yourself! And on that last note- Good Luck!