About Me

My name is Urooj. You're probably thinking how do I read that?! It's not pronounced ya-rooj or a-rooj. To put it simply, it is basically like the word red in french - Rouge! You can call me whatever you like though, since I've heard so many variations of my name over the past 20 years, nothing new fazes to amaze me! I've never been a big fan of studying even as a child, yet here I am going into my third year of Events Management! I have to say these past two years have been hectic, but never the less, brilliant! Working at the London Olympics, going to Barcelona, and of course working at a number of large scale events in my smart outfit, like I've always dreamed. Whether it be at Westminster, or Oxford Street there's not a location I haven't been, but in London there are never places short of being discovered. But none of these experiences come close to meeting the people I have met, some of which may turn out to be lifelong friendships.

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