Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean visit McDonalds with Thor and The Duchess

My title probably doesn’t make any sense, but as you read along you’ll understand! Walking through the campus and remembering when I first came for my Open Day, reminded me of why I chose Greenwich in the first place. Walking through the historic buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren still amazes me, 3 years into my study.

I look forward to having my graduation in the Painted Halls in June and taking some beautiful pictures with the university buildings in the background (Captain Jack Sparrow has also been initiated of some sort here- see pictures). Not only is Greenwich University an iconic landmark in London, it holds its place in the film world too!

Last week there was a film set with props, actors and directors shooting for an upcoming film. Rumour has it, they were filming for an upcoming McDonalds advert. This is not an uncommon part of studying here. In the past 3 years I've seen Johnny Depp, Robert Downing Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Jude Law and a few more to list. The sets of Thor and Sherlock Holmes have been featured at our beautiful campus and seeing the props just brings those films to life!

As the University of Greenwich is such an important historical building, during the Olympics it was used as an official Host Venue. It seems like such a great honour to be a student of the University of Greenwich and to be associated with such big events!

If you want to see the campus and get a feel for it, you should definitely think about attending our next Open Day for prospective students! It's on the 15th Feb and you can book your place online now! If you don't manage to book, don't worry, just turn up and the student team will be happy to help!
It only takes two minutes:

I hope you enjoy the pictures, some are even my own!

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